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Classic Wood Prints

Classic Wood Prints blends the crafts of woodworking and photography to produce one-of-a-kind intermedia art. Through our unique process of printing artwork onto wood, we create high-quality images that utilize the natural grain of each piece of birch wood we select. The result is a stunning, truly individual photographic print. Using fade resistant inks and wood that is manufactured in the United States, you can be assured that our product has as much integrity as the image you select.

All our wood is harvested for construction purposes only. The natural forest is not harmed in the manufacturing of our wood panels

We use Baltic Birch Wood which is produced right here in the United States! The beautiful wood grain really stands out and compliments the images we print.

Through our unique process of printing photographs onto wood, we create high- quality images that utilize the natural wood grain of each piece of wood.

With every purchase, we will donate to who will then plant trees for us. We find is necessary to give back.

Photo By: Andy Best

Before and After

We print directly onto the wood – yep you heard that right!  We have very big equipment that allow us to print directly onto our 3/4″ thick wood panels or 1/4″ wood coasters!  Our printing process is very unique and the ink we use is very transparent, so think of it this way, the lighter the ink, the more wood grain you’ll be able to see shine through your beautiful photograph.  And if your photo is on the darker side, please be aware that the dark ink will eliminate the wood grain from shinning through.

Giving Back

Classic Wood Prints has teamed up with Planit2020 and we will be donating a portion of each order so they can continue to plant trees across the world!   Trees play a vital role in our atmosphere and because we use wood to manufacture our product, we believe it’s only far that we give back on a daily basis.